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Breast Elastography Arrives at Royal Bolton Hospital with Ultrasound Upgrades

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(Left to right) Dr Anthony Maxwell, Consultant Radiologist; Claire Mercer, Breast Screening Programme Manager, and Jennifer Brown, Advanced Practitioner, Ultrasound welcome a new ACUSON S2000™ from Siemens Healthcare to the Royal Bolton Hospital.Excellent quality strain imaging capabilities via two ACUSON S2000s from Siemens

The Royal Bolton Hospital, part of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, is ready for the future of breast elastography following the installation of two ACUSON S2000™ diagnostic ultrasound systems from Siemens Healthcare. The systems are now being used for general breast imaging, asymptomatic screening assessment as well as symptomatic breast clinics.

The hospital is planning to use the ACUSON S2000s to further enhance breast lesion diagnosis using Siemens’ second generation implementation of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) technology in the S2000’s Virtual Touch™ HD application. Virtual Touch Technology provides for great sensitivity and accuracy in breast imaging and will help to provide a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the strain properties or stiffness of deep tissue using shear waves.

The two diagnostic ultrasound systems have replaced ageing equipment and were smoothly installed as part of the 15-year multi-vendor Managed Equipment Service (MES) agreement between the Trust and Siemens that began in summer 2010. The MES partnership delivers the latest medical equipment as part of a planned approach to equipment provision, maintenance and user training for the lifetime of the contract.

“We are very pleased with the S2000 systems and particularly their ease of use,” said Dr. Anthony Maxwell, Consultant Radiologist and Director of Breast Screening at the Royal Bolton Hospital. “We are impressed with the image quality and are looking forward to exploring the full functionality of Siemens’ strain imaging technology, which we expect will prove very useful in the diagnosis of breast lesions. The systems were delivered as part of the MES agreement with Siemens, which continues to provide us with the latest technology so that patients can receive the best possible diagnosis and treatment.”

“The two installations at the Royal Bolton Hospital demonstrate the S2000’s versatility in breast imaging with its capabilities of compression elasticity, Virtual Touch imaging and quantification,” said Bernadette Leonard, Regional Sales and Clinical Applications Manager for Ultrasound at Siemens Healthcare. “The combination of ease of use and excellent image quality will help to boost diagnostic confidence and deliver the best possible results for patient diagnosis.”

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