Gordon Hospital Receives ACR Accreditation in Breast MRI

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Women's imaging news Gordon Hospital, Calhoun, Georgia, has recently received a three-year accreditation in breast MRI from the American College of Radiology (ACR). The accreditation recognizes the high quality breast imaging service provided at the hospital.

Raina Sanford, director of Gordon Hospital’s radiology department, said “This accreditation is one more level of confidence that we can offer our patients. Already a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence since 2007, this Gold Seal Accreditation assures our patients that they are receiving the best possible care when it comes to their breast health.”

MRI scans provide doctors with images showing more details of the breast tissue more than other techniques such as mammography and ultrasound. A lot of suspicious cases are evaluated using MRI scans to confirm the presence or absence of cancerous tissues.

The ACR accreditation is awarded after an extensive review of the imaging services offered. Various criteria are evaluated by a Board-certified panel of medical professionals. The assessed criteria include the quality of the imaging modalities, the knowledge of the operating staff, in addition to the application of quality control programs.

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