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Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust Installs New Digital Mammography Units

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Mammography news Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust has recently improved its breast cancer detection capabilities with four new digital mammography units. The total cost of the new units is £270,000 a section of the cost will be covered by a £96,000 through a fundraising campaign.

The new mammography" href="/tag/digital-mammography.html">digital mammography units will significantly improve the rates of breast cancer detection. Dr Jane Baldwin, a radiologist from Churchill Hospital, said “These new machines are a fantastic improvement for patients and will make coming to have a mammogram quicker. The digital system means results are clearer to interpret so women are less likely to be called back for repeat tests and we can identify possible cancers sooner.”

Dr. Baldwin is also serving as the breast imaging clinical lead for the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust. He said that the older mammography systems were film-based, and around 2-3 days were needed to process a mammography film. Thanks to the new digital mammography units, breast images can be reviewed on screens within minutes.

Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust installed the new digital mammography systems as a part of the national NHS Breast Screening Program. The objective of this program is to offer mammography screening for breast cancer for women at the age of 50 every 3 years. The age is expected to be 47 years by 2016.

“The national breast cancer screening program is important in helping find cancers early, and we encourage women to take part when invited.” said Dr. Baldwin.

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