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MRI Offers New Option for Diagnosing Endometrial and Cervical Cancers, Study

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Women's imaging newsAccording to a new study, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can help in diagnosing endometrial and cervical cancers in women. MRI can aid in identifying these cancers even when biopsies are not decisive. The study has been highlighted at the American Roentgen Ray Society Annual Meeting, currently taking place in Chicago.

The study showed that by using MRI, radiologists were able to identify endometrial and cervical cancers in 79% of the cases when biopsy results were not conclusive. According to Heather He, MD/PhD, from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, both types of cancers are frequently seen in women. She said "In about 3% of the cases, there is difficulty determining the primary cancer site. Knowing the primary cancer site means that we can give the patients the most appropriate therapy and save some patients from unnecessary surgery,"

During the study, two radiologists, with 5 and 18 years of experience, reviewed MRI images. Their diagnosis was nearly the same, which indicates that radiologist’s experience did not significantly affect reaching the correct diagnosis. Dr. He said "MRI can be applied on a broader scope; you don't have to have someone on staff with extensive experience to be able to offer this imaging service,"

The study evaluated a number of MRI techniques to determine the most useful one. Dr. He explained "We found that sagittal T2 FSE weighted sequences and 2D and 3D T1 weighted dynamic enhanced sequences are the most helpful,"

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