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Around 15,000 children and family members in the United States are in dire need of healthcare. Therefore, in recent developments, South Florida mobile medical clinics operated by Children's Health Fund, which operates the mobile clinics for children in homeless or low-income families, will be able to connect with specialists from the University of Miami Health System all in part to a new telemedicine upgrade provided by the Verizon foundation; giving children and their families’ access to healthcare benefits.

The Miami pediatric mobile medical clinic allows underserved local patients to confer with specialists from the University of Miami Health System, using UM's advanced telehealth program.  The Verizon Foundation is providing the mobile clinic with a high-speed 4G LTE wireless broadband connection and upgraded telecommunications equipment that facilitate the clinic to supply telehealth services from any of its numerous delivery sites. telemedicine children

"Children's Health Fund has been operating mobile medical clinics for 26 years, but these sophisticated technology upgrades from Verizon are helping us to create the next generation of mobile care, with real time connectivity that enables doctors, patients and resources at our hospital affiliates like the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine to communicate like never before. The potential for better care is exciting as we work with Verizon to develop this telemedicine capacity here in Miami, and as we collaborate on other innovative programs across the country,” said Children's Health Fund chief information officer, Jeb Weisman, PhD.

As previously mentioned, millions of children and their families are deprived of healthcare due to a number of socioeconomic and geographical conditions.

"For many families, a long trip to a doctor means a day without work for the parent and puts their paycheck, and potentially their employment, at risk.  As a result, medical conditions that could be prevented or cured are left untreated, and the only healthcare many of these children receive is at the emergency room,” said medical director of the pediatric mobile clinic and assistant professor of pediatrics at the Miller School, Dr. Lisa Gwynn.

This is why the Verizon Foundation has agreed to supply the mobile clinic with a high-speed 4G LTE wireless broadband connection and upgraded telecommunications equipment to connect to the University of Miami's advanced telehealth program. Verizon has also vowed to provide 15 of the Children's Health Fund's mobile medical clinics in several locations including Dallas, Detroit, New York City, and San Francisco.

The equipment also comprises of enterprise-grade routers and small antennas in the mobile clinic to enhance connectivity. Previously, staff members in the mobile clinic could not easily access or connect to patients' electronic records and telemedicine wasn't even considered a viable option.

The new telemedicine technology also provides a secure, safe, and dependable platform for sharing patient information, as well as the hastening of doctor response times and the delivery of life-saving treatments. The mobile clinic staff schedules telemedicine patient visits with specialists on specific days; for instance dermatology on Tuesdays so care is coordinated.  In the future, cardiology, endocrinology and nutrition experts will eventually be included to the available specialties.

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