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InTouch Health Launches ControlStation Telemedicine App for iPad

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Controlstation ipad2 InTouch Health Launches ControlStation Telemedicine App for iPadAlthough it was already possible to roam the hospital halls and wards with a robotic avatar, now instead of having to sit down behind your desk or workstation you will also be able to perform duties lazily from the couch. InTouch Health has launched the ControlStation (CS) App for iPad, an interface for doctors to provide real-time, acute telemedicine consults with patients.controlstation-ipad2

The app integrates streaming video with clinical patient data and medical radiology imaging tools through a single user login. It can connect with any of the company’s other FDA-cleared, purpose-built remote presence devices, among them the RP-VITA which we recently covered. Features from the product page:

  • Universal interface supports the full suite of InTouch Health medical devices
  • Point-to-See and Box-Zoom touch gestures create seamless far-end camera control
  • HIPAA and FDA compliance ensure safe and secure patient interactions
  • Backed up by the SureConnect® platform, the CS App for iPad utilizes patent pending technologies to ensure the best connection possible
  • Available for use on the iPad2, iPad3, iPad mini and iPad with Retina display

InTouch Health is showcasing the ControlStation App for iPad along with its entire suite of TeleStroke products and services in Booth #307 at the International Stroke Conference in Honolulu, HI, February 6-8, 2013.

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