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Tunstall’s Telehealth Solutions to Help in “3millionlives” Project

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Telehealth newsTunstall Healthcare, a leading provider of telehealth services, announced its backup of a new project that aims to provide telehealth services to a number of three million patients with chronic conditions. The project includes delivering healthcare and social care to those patients using telehealth and tele care technologies.

The Minister of State for Care Services, Paul Burstow MP, announced the beginning of the '3millionlives' project. The latter will use a recently designed telehealth and telecare pilot, the Whole Systems Demonstrator (WSD), to deliver care.

Minister Burstow said "This new approach is set to improve the quality of care for 3 million people, increase their independence and dignity as well as reduce the time they spend in hospital. It is only by the telehealth industry working together with the Department of Health and other stakeholders, that this will be possible." He continued “In addition, UK industry will gain a competitive edge in a marketplace where many millions of people worldwide could benefit from this technology, helping to generate income and jobs in the UK.”

WSD was created by the Department of Health (DH) to assess the benefits telehealth and tele care technologies can provide to patients with chronic conditions. A research was carried out for 3 years to confirm the potential advantages the tele technology can offer. It was reported that that using telehealth and tele care resulted in decrease in A&E visits by 15%, emergency admissions by 20%, elective admissions by 14%, and total mortality rates by 45%.

WSD used telehealth services provided by Tunstall in the three sites of the program, Cornwall, Kent and Newham. "3millionlives is a fantastic example of industry and government working alongside each other to improve the lives of individuals living with long term conditions, enhancing clinical outcomes, supporting patients and doctors and saving money for the tax payer." Commented Gil Baldwin, Vice Chair of the 3millionlives, and CEO of Tunstall

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