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Tunstall Acquires American Medical Alert Corporation (AMAC)

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Telehealth news Tunstall Healthcare Group, a leading provider of telehealth services in England, has recently acquired American Medical Alert Corporation (AMAC). The latter is a New York-based provider of remote health monitoring solutions.

Jack Rhian, CEO of AMAC, said “We welcome and embrace the opportunity to serve as the foundational acquisition serving the North American territory on behalf of Tunstall,"

He added "With Tunstall’s exceptional engineering and manufacturing capabilities complementing AMAC’s high touch communication and monitoring competence, AMAC will be uniquely positioned to serve the full spectrum of healthcare providers with remote patient monitoring devices and services as the U.S. government and medical providers seek to provide accountable and cost efficient patient care.”

Gil Baldwin, Group CEO, Tunstall Healthcare Group, said "With this acquisition, Tunstall now has a strong North American business, including our successful business in Canada, that will enable us to grow in a market place increasingly requiring our products and services,”

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