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Broomwell’s ECG Telemedicine Service Exceeds 130,000 Calls

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Telemedicine news Broomwell HealthWatch, a major company providing ECG telemedicine services, announced that it has performed nearly 130,000 successful ECG interpretations since 2006. These interpretations resulted in avoiding the referral of 117,000 patients to hospitals or other healthcare facilities.

Broomwell’s technology allows rapid and precise diagnosis of cardiac disorders by telephone. Patients get a 12-lead ECG test at their local GP surgery in few minutes time, which means that such patients do not need to go to a special hospital to get their checkups. The ECG tests are carried out 24 hours during the while year. The service is offered at GP surgeries, walk-in centers and minor injuries units (MIU) throughout England. The ECG telemedicine involve around 1300 calls weekly, which are interpreted by a team of expert cardiac clinicians from Broomwell.

A study from the Greater Manchester and Cheshire Cardiac and Stroke Network (GMCCSN) showed that 63% of referrals to hospitals can be avoided by using Broomwell’s ECG telemedicine service. "Broomwell's ECG service has played a key role in transforming the way we deliver cardiac care to patients across the Network, significantly reducing the number of referrals to secondary care and freeing up NHS resources." said Karen Gibbons, Service Improvement Manager at the GMCCSN. She continued "By providing cardiac monitoring, diagnosis and care at GP level, patients receive a more effective and timely service, which in turn considerably enhances their experience and ensures GPs have the expertise on hand to make better-informed diagnoses."

CEO of Broomwell HealthWatch, Joshua Rowe, said "Completing over 130,000 successful ECG telemedical calls and doing some 1,300 ECGs per week translates into major cost savings for the NHS. It also eliminates the inconvenience, long journeys and lost working days - not to mention the stress and anxiety - involved in waiting for appointments and results." adding "By effectively bringing ECG expertise and services into every surgery, by way of telephone or email, GPs are able to significantly reduce referrals and cut out inconvenience, unnecessary travel and waiting times. This service delivers a far more efficient level of care to cardiac patients and one which is closer to home, meaning referrals are simply not necessary.

Mr. Rowe concluded "Since many suspected cardiac-related cases turn out to be non-emergency, being able to quickly establish the severity of the condition also enables GPs to reduce avoidable hospital admissions, and ensure patients receive the right care at the right time."

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