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The Saban Free Clinic And CompuMed To Offer ECG Telemedicine And CardioGramKids In LA

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telemedicine newsThe Saban Free Clinic, in Los Angeles, California, is going to offer electrocardiogram (ECG) telemedicine and CardioGramKids services throughout its four locations in addition to the school health centers operated by Saban Free.

The Saban Free Clinic has been offering its services for more than 40 years. The system performs about 90,000 patient visits every year to the populations with limited access to healthcare in the Greater Los Angeles.

Saban Free Clinic has chosen CompuMed, a company providing telemedicine and medical informative services, to support it with the needed ECG telemedicine equipment and with over-reads carried out remotely by cardiologists and pediatric cardiologists from CompuMed. Moreover, CompuMed is going to offer its CardioGramKids Pediatric Screening services to The Saban Free Clinic and the school health center operated by the clinic at Hollywood High School. CompuMed's CardioGramKids program was developed in cooperation with pediatricians and other healthcare specialists aiming to offer ECG screening services to children and teenagers before using psychotropic medications or involving in school or after school sports programs.

Donzella Lee, director of operations at The Saban Free Clinic, mentioned that the recently added technology and services are significantly going to boost the capabilities of the clinic to offer preventive cardiac health services. David M. Frisch, MD, a leading cardiologist at CompuMed, said "We are pleased to be working with L.A.'s preeminent community clinic organization to enhance the delivery of preventive medicine to the children and adults of Los Angeles. By implementingle CompuMed's ECG temedicine program systemwide, the Saban Free Clinic is likely to prevent or minimize a large number of acute or long-term cardiac problems and save lives."

Maurizio Vecchione, CEO, CompuMed, said "With the extension of our ECG telemedicine and CardioGramKids school health center programs into the major community clinic organizations, CompuMed continues to play a leading role in bringing ECG telemedicine to a wide variety of healthcare settings. It's clear that the future of healthcare will rely heavily on the Internet and that companies in the telemedicine field like CompuMed are well positioned to prosper."

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