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For Better Management and Productivity: NightShift Offers its NightWatch Solution

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Telemedince NewsNightShift Radiology, a leading on-call teleradiology service provider in Montara, CA, has recently announced the launch of NightWatch, the latest tracking and management application that improves productivity in imaging centers.

NightWatch is a web-based technology that allows authorized personnel to monitor, efficiently, the status of an imaging exam until its final step that includes generating a report. Moreover, users of NightWatch are able to exchange interpretive information, they can also get printed copies of their radiology and administrative reports whenever they desire. 

Dr. Michael Myers, co-founder of NightShift, said “The ability to analyze the progression of exams in real-time complements our clients’ ability to improve patient care and workflow,” He added “Our NightWatch system was developed in response to our clients’ desire for better control and transparency to stay informed. This tool is a reflection of our commitment to support and protect their needs, by providing complete transparency of our work, and we’re not stopping here. We plan to refine NightWatch’s functionality on an ongoing basis to meet evolving client requirements.”

NightWatch users are offered information covering several aspects; such as name of hospital/practice, patient identification data, imaging exam date and status, in addition to the assigned radiologist. NightWatch also offers instant access to the stored reports which means more flexibility and control provided to the users. The access is offered at any time and is protected with a password that can be given to individual users or even larger groups.

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