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Case Reader is the Latest System to Improve the Workload of Radiologists

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CaseReaderFinally, a new software solution for better patient care. The new software collects data from several sources and  provides faster radiologic reports with lesser errors and cost. The design of the software aims at increasing workflow by making the key steps -currently performed manually- automatic. Case Reader has been released by Data Physics Research, Inc. (San Ramon, CA, USA). Case Reader is a software solution that improves the workload of radiologists and promotes the quality of image-based diagnostics.

Using the new technique, radiologists can be provided with advanced analysis capabilities. Thanks to Case Reader, algorigthms are utilized to create an indexed, three-dimensional (3D), volumetric image of the organ or region the radiologist is interested in. Moreover, Case Reader, provides an automatic, customizable diagnostic report, delivering faster reports to the patient and eliminating the need for a medical transcriptionist; a step that reduces 40% of the usual time required to deliver a radiological report.

Due to healthcare reform, that adds an identified 30 million patients to the US healtcare system, together with technology achievments that provide thousands of image slices per diagnostic scan, it is expected that during the next five years radiologists' workload will be tripled. Not to mention the shortage in radiologists and the aging US baby boomer population.

According to US industry and government reports, the healthcare imaging market in the United States alone is US$250 billion, while the medical transcription market is US$8 billion. On the other side, the potential global market for Case Reader is US$3 billion. Radiologists will now be able to fully utilize the advanced digital imaging capabilities of Case Reader: electronic mapping, encoding and cooridinating binary image data. All with a lesser error rate and exam costs, for a much better patient care.

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