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New Study Reveals The Increasing Role Of Home Healthcare And Telemedicine

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Telehealth news According to the latest RAND Corporation study, home healthcare technology can be the only solution to aid healthcare systems threatened by increasing costs and manpower lack. But this change will face many challenges to be accomplished. It was found that many healthcare stakeholders approve to expand home-based health tools and telemedicine to provide the patients with the ability to self-manage their conditions in partnership with their medical providers then improve their health and overall well-being.

According to the report, it is a huge progress in the structure of healthcare to move care to patients' homes, which can be achieved by the agreement between patients. Dr. Soeren Mattke, the study's lead author and a senior natural scientist at RAND, a nonprofit research organization said "Due to the aging of the world's population and the increasing of diseases, serious financial and manpower challenges will be existed for the world's health care systems".

The key stakeholders in six countries- China, France, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States, provide the solutions through a global study of the needs, expectations and priorities among home healthcare. The number of people living with chronic conditions and disability will be increased with better treatment for many diseases beside the increase in the world's elderly population in the next years, which may lead to rising pressure on the finances and the workforce of healthcare systems.

Home healthcare represents an effective solution because it allows patients to self-manage their conditions to a higher level and helps to shift care from high-cost institutional and professional settings to patients' homes and the community. Researchers are saying that this solution could both save money and ease pressure on health systems suffering from lack of staff and capacity restrictions. They added that despite there are signs that home healthcare is increasingly on the radar of policymakers in many countries, both the policy environment and the products themselves must be redesigned to realise the potential benefits.

According to the report, policymakers must give an obvious picture of the appropriate role of home healthcare and telemedicine and drive the agenda to implement that picture. Reasonable costing products that suite patients needs must be improved by manufacturers, which also have to provide lasting support for patients and their families. This new study was supported by Royal Philips Electronics, a global leader in home healthcare technology.

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