Agfa HealthCare to Highlight New Imaging Portfolio

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Agfa HealthCare announces that at ECR 2013, it will demonstrate - under the umbrella theme of M-power your radiology department - how its growing portfolio of diagnostic imaging solutions delivers on the imaging needs of the radiology department. Agfa HealthCare will launch its new CR 12-X* table-top Computed Radiography (CR) system. This solution offers hospitals an affordable way to move to the high image quality and customer-specific, optimal workflow of CR.Agfa HealthCare Will Highlight an Imaging Portfolio that Empowers Radiology, and Beyond

Addressing the radiology department's need for high-quality, high-productivity image capture systems, Agfa HealthCare will also showcase a rich portfolio of Direct Radiography (DR) solutions empowered by Agfa HealthCare's MUSICA² image processing algorithm, from mobile to affordable and fully automated, high-performance DR rooms as its DX-D 600 system. Moreover Agfa HealthCare's remote-controlled DX-D 800* offers real time images for fluoroscopy and general radiography providing thus enhanced flexibility in diagnostics.

Visitors will see as well how Agfa HealthCare helps empower healthcare enterprises to improve the delivery of patient care, using its integrated, patient-centric, open-standards-based IT solutions. With its in-depth experience in Imaging Informatics, it provides solutions that facilitate collaborative and shared workflows across the healthcare organization, the care delivery network or the entire region.

Among the highlights that Agfa HealthCare will showcase at ECR:

  • Maximize investment and upgrade existing X-ray modalities
  • Agfa HealthCare will show a range of DR and CR solutions to fit every healthcare enterprise's needs and situation.
  • DX-D Retrofit: a cost-effective yet versatile DR upgrade solution that allows facilities to move to DR, while maximizing their existing investments in imaging equipment.
  • DX-D 400: floor-mounted X-ray solution that can be combined with either the latest CR or DR technology. Either configuration offers state-of-the-art imaging technology at an affordable cost - without compromising functionality, performance or image quality.
  • CR 10-X: an affordable, tabletop CR solution, offering cost-effective entry into computed radiography, and suited for mobile applications.
  • The new CR 12-X*: an affordable, compact CR solution that can be adjusted to meet the facility's specific needs for high image quality and throughput.
  • Mobility and real-time workflow - close to the patient
  • Visitors will see how Agfa HealthCare solutions deliver real mobility, allowing caregivers to stay close to patients without sacrificing efficiency or access to necessary patient information.
  • IMPAX Mobile Worklist: lets caregivers consult patient charts and record the study acquisition wherever the patient is in the hospital, even in the emergency room.
  • IMPAX RIS/PACS/Reporting solutions: seamless integration of the Radiology Information System (RIS), Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and reporting creates a single workflow from start to finish.
  • XERO viewer technology: delivers on the clinician's need for easy-to-use, robust tools for managing and accessing the ever-growing wealth of patient imaging data available, at any point of care.
  • DX-D 100: a fully motorized mobile DR X-ray unit that makes no compromises in delivering productivity and workflow improvement benefits, combined with excellent image quality.

Monitoring and measurement solutions empower effective management:

Agfa HealthCare continues to develop and deliver tools that help hospitals measure and manage PACS data, to meet the goal of cost-effectively providing top-quality patient care.

  • Cesium-based DR detectors and CR needle plates: offer clinicians a potential for dose reduction by as much as fifty percent compared to conventional powder phosphor plates and gadolinium DR detectors. Dedicated MUSICA2 image processing software and the exposure index within the NX workflow tools provide a relative exposure measurement within an exam type.
  • IMPAX Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM): provides an automated way to collect, organize and analyze a patient's radiation exposure from medical imaging studies, supporting better-informed decision making, radiology department best practices and conformance to regulations, for example.
  • IMPAX Business Intelligence: lets healthcare managers and care providers use existing data to increase transparency, improve the patient experience, identify cost saving opportunities, and more.
  • Global Remote Incident Prevention (GRIP) services: state-of-the-art electronic monitoring, to help deliver maximum uptime of the hospital's PACS and IT infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive clinical imaging value chain across all patient care locations.

Agfa HealthCare delivers solutions that allow collaboration and a shared workflow between the different players in the healthcare organization, whether across the enterprise, or region-wide.

  • Regional imaging: radiology without boundaries: Agfa HealthCare's regional imaging portfolio allows shared workflows over an entire network of care delivery. It includes the IMPAX Data Center, a vendor neutral image management solution that enables management, access, and exchange of the patient's longitudinal imaging record across heterogeneous RIS/PACS environment.
  • Enterprise imaging: leave no image behind: Imaging Clinical Information System (ICIS) consolidates multimedia patient imaging records across different medical imaging systems throughout the enterprise while optimizing individual departmental workflows. It plays a key role in image-enabling the Electronic Health Record (EHR).
  • Global strategic relationship with Orion Health: The collaboration with this global leader in Health Information Exchange (HIE) and healthcare integration solutions is aimed at image-enabling EHR and HIE solutions; providing cost-effective e-health deployments across hospitals, health systems, regions, and nation states; and helping these entities achieve healthcare reform and improve care quality and delivery.
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