Six Reasons for RIS/PACS Adoption in SME Hospitals

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Six Reasons for RIS/PACS Adoption in SME Hospitals

In order to improve patient care with fewer resources, and because it’s more critical for hospitals to adopt more efficient work flows, core technologies like RIS and PACS emerged to help all the medical enterprises like hospitals and medical centers to achieve these goals without wasting their resources.

PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) allows physicians to gain access to all the information and allows hospitals to establish streamlined workflows and eliminate communication barriers.

More information, fewer resources, and increasing patient care demands an ever changing technology. That’s why we believe that hospitals must adopt new tool with cost-effective architecture and technology that scales to meet the size and complexity of any enterprise.

Hospitals must keep pace with technology and the competition. Hospitals need also to attract and retain physicians, and manage the ever-increasing volume of information and medical images produced by day-to-day work.

Lots of hospitals are turning to enterprise-wide PACS solutions to help implement these concerns and increase their clinical efficiency.

Here are six reasons why should you go for automating your radiology department:

Major Cost Savings: By implementing an enterprise-wide RIS/PACS you will not only gain clinical and operational advantages, but it will also help your hospital to save significant amounts of money and space.

Immediate Productivity Gains: You will begin to see immediate and dramatic increases in productivity during post-implementation of your medical imaging PACS.

Instant return on investment: PACS offers an instant return on investment because you can capture all data elements and have them in one place for billing. That means you will not have incomplete billing information.

Long-Term Return on Investment: Not only you will gain productivity and efficiency, PACS increases hospital referrals, these referrals will provide the physicians with the easiest way to obtain information to manage their patients' care.

Reduce Film Costs: And because PACS medical images are digital, all hospitals may will the opportunity to completely eliminate using films. Many hospitals are completely filmless in less than five months, and are able to eliminate all film in reading rooms.

Reallocate Resources: Stop collecting zillions of papers, and reduce or allocate full time technicians who no longer need to process, proof and ship film. Some hospitals have eliminated their medical imaging film rooms entirely and converted them to much-needed office space.

As said above, a PACS system generally allows greater efficiency for radiologists and other medical imaging professionals, but more importantly it also allows them to provide better patient care, which is what radiology is about.

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