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TeraMedica Debuts New Evercore VNA Control Center at RSNA 2012

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PACS news (November 21, 2012- MILWAUKEE, WI) TeraMedica debuts at the 2012 RSNA conference its next generation Evercore VNA Control Center with a streamlined graphical interface and range of features that enhance its power as an enterprise-wide data management and analysis tool.

The new interface simplifies VNA configuration, maintenance, quality assurance checks and data access. It enables definition of new data sets and storage policies within the application, without the addition of tables at the underlying database level. The interface also enables creation of a variety of customized screen features based on site or department needs. New progressive intelligent information presentation brings the appropriate data directly to users to pare down time-consuming searches and to leverage the VNA for information gathering and analytics.

“Ultimately, the Control Center will support greater customization of the Evercore technology to meet individual hospital needs and to simplify access to site-defined functionalities,” says Mark Wheeler, Vice President of Product Development for TeraMedica.  “Users will be able to gather and analyze customized data related to both VNA function as well as to diverse department- and hospital-wide clinical, administrative and business issues. TeraMedica is unique among VNA vendors in its commitment to enabling users to leverage the full value of VNA data.”

As a fully integrated enterprise-wide data repository, a VNA offers almost unlimited potential to gather information, track trends and provide intelligence useful to today’s hospital.  Wheeler notes that VNA data could be used to assess the availability of hardware storage space over time based on usage patterns, to measure the utilization and profitability of medical equipment and to track the need for additional hospital physical space based on departmental trends. Access to this information can be enabled with appropriate built-in VNA tools or add-on applications.

“The availability of such information gives hospitals a strategic edge in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment. With its new Control Center, TeraMedica takes the lead in helping users realize greater value from their VNA technology.”

To streamline implementation for existing installations, TeraMedica will expand Control Center functionality over time as part of a multi-stage process. Phase one enhancements, which are being introduced at RSNA, include a completely new look and feel as well as more intuitive, streamlined operation.  The technology also will feature powerful, redesigned dashboards supporting ultra-fast display of VNA functions and stored data. The initial release also will enable configuration of highly customized screens with site-specific icons and toolsets that bring access to desired information under simple mouse click control. Phase two will include even greater customization options as well as other additions.

“In this release, a major enhancement will be our intelligent presentation of information,” stresses Wheeler. “Once a user initiates a search or accesses particular data, Evercore will automatically present users with related information as they click deeper in menus and links. Much of the Control Center design is based on our dialoguing with users and represents our commitment to meeting their vision for the future of VNA technology. ”

About TeraMedica® Inc.

TeraMedica, Inc., a global healthcare informatics company based in Milwaukee, WI, is the leading provider of vendor neutral, enterprise-wide solutions for unrestricted medical image management. The company began with the successful development of a cross-departmental, patient-centric clinical image archive for the Mayo Clinic in 2001. To date, TeraMedica has over 600 customer-driven deployments on six continents. Such flexibility can only be achieved by an organization that is committed to exceeding customer expectations using a technology platform that has been designed for adaptation.  For more information, visit


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