Intelerad Introduces Clinical Hub

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PACS news New version of InteleConnect provides a universal viewer and specialists' worklists

Denver, Colorado and Montreal, Canada – November 7, 2012 – Intelerad Medical SystemsTM, a leader in medical imaging PACS, RIS and workflow solutions, today announced the launch of InteleConnectTM Clinical Hub. The solution provides zero-footprint access to any internal or third-party PACS or DICOM archive at anytime from any location, using desktop web browsers, mobile devices, or Intelerad®’s own iOS app.

“With the release of InteleConnect Clinical Hub, we are introducing significant features that will greatly enhance referring physicians’ access to information,” said Rick Rubin, Chief Engineering Officer, Intelerad. “In doing so, physicians can work in a more efficient and effective manner to deliver better care to patients.”

New Features

To further enhance the way that physicians access information, the solution features intelligent worklists, which provide physicians with streamlined views that contain only their patients' images and activity. The solution also enables radiologists to communicate discrepancies with clinician’s impressions.

InteleConnect Clinical Hub also features a collaboration suite that allows referrers and radiologists to work closer than ever before. This set of tools allows physicians to flexibly and securely grant access and share exams in a single click no matter where they're stored, or instantly deliver tailored multi-level notifications and effortlessly manage critical results.

Using InteleConnect Clinical Hub, care providers can deliver reports and results from multiple acquisition and readings sources. The solution also allows emergency room physicians to access all of their patient information, even when images are not yet available, and receive real-time updates. To enact custom views, the solution also provides clinicians with effective presets for window-leveling and multiple viewports so a number of images can be seen in the same viewer.

Big Step Forward for InteleConnect

“With this version of InteleConnect, we have taken some big steps forward,” said Rubin. “With its clinical intelligence, collaboration suite and universal patient search, InteleConnect takes truly patient-centric care to the next level.”

As with previous versions, InteleConnect is compatible with any desktop or mobile web browser, provides the option for preliminary and audio reports, patient search, timely email notifications for critical results, and status updates for requisitions. Secure and easy to manage, InteleConnect complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and all other industry standards.

InteleConnect Clinical Hub will be released to market in the first quarter of 2013. For more information, please visit

About Intelerad

Intelerad Medical Systems is a leader in distributed radiology, specializing in RIS, PACS and workflow solutions for healthcare organizations. Intelerad solutions increase productivity and streamline workflow by overcoming technical barriers in distributed and complex environments. Highly scalable, flexible and robust, Intelerad’s solutions offer high performance and industry leading customer service and support. Intelerad solutions like KLAS category leader IntelePACS® and Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Innovation Award recipient InteleOne® are used in more than 800 sites across North America, Oceania and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

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