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Orthopaedic Surgical Associates Select Viztek for Digital Imaging Conversion

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PACS news Cites High Image Quality and Simple Set Up

Raleigh, November 6, 2012 – Orthopaedic Surgical Associates (OSA) in North Chelmsford, MA has selected Viztek’s Opal-ORTHO PACS and U-Arm digital radiography (DR) systems for a full conversion to digital imaging. The busy nine-physician practice believes that the technology makes imaging simpler and faster for patients, physicians and technologists. OSA staff note that the DR image quality is superior and film management is significantly more manageable.

OSA is a broad sub-specialty practice with services ranging from sports medicine and spine surgery to joint replacement. “We have a significant image volume and sought a high quality, efficient and affordable integrated imaging solution,” explains Dawn DiVitto, office manager for the practice. “OSA had just moved to a new location prior to the installation and had not used digital technology previously. We implemented Viztek’s specialized Opal-ORTHO PACS along with three U-Arm DR rooms. It has been a tremendously positive experience all around.”

According to DiVitto, the U-Arm configuration provides numerous advantages over a fixed system. Positioning is extremely flexible and managed through an easy-to-use remote control feature, which significantly simplifies exam set up. “Patients simply sit in a fixed location and are much more relaxed than with the previous cassette-based analog acquisition device.  Staff spends less time repositioning heavy, difficult-to-move equipment. At the touch of a button, the U-Arm system moves easily and precisely to the optimal placement. The system simplifies imaging for both patients and technologists,” she comments.

Physicians report the images are high quality, and using Opal-ORTHO can be recalled easily.  Images can also be transported to the OR on CD or flash drives, eliminating the need to hand carry large, unwieldy films.   In addition, the frequency of exam repeats is lower because physicians can adjust contrast and other settings.  “This means less radiation for patients—another benefit,” notes DiVitto.

OSA’s practice frequently necessitates complex exams, such as spinal imaging and long bone. The latter involves stitching two images together.  “With the device’s sophisticated software, this isn’t difficult at all,” she comments.

“When we first put in the system many of our staff were somewhat apprehensive about the move to digital,” she concludes. “However, after several weeks of use, we surveyed the practice—and no one would ever want to go back.”

OSA’s x-ray department was designed and installed by the local New England Radiology distributor Associated X-Ray Imaging Corporation (AXI), based in Haverhill, Massachusetts. AXI President, John Olenio, adds, “We have installed the Viztek solution into many small and large medical facilities throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts converting them painlessly to the exciting and efficient digital world.”

“AXI did a phenomenal job identifying the needs of the customer and finding the best fit solution with Viztek’s Digital Product Suite,” Viztek’s VP of Sales, Steve Deaton, notes.

About Viztek

Viztek is a leading provider of complete digital software and hardware imaging solutions, backed by comprehensive training and support. The company’s state-of-the-art Opal-RAD PACS and RIS suite delivers advanced connectivity and functionality at an affordable price.  Web-based architecture, with ultra-fast image streaming, ensures timely, efficient communications throughout the enterprise and beyond. With both advanced CR and DR technology, Viztek truly is a one-stop shop.

Since 1999, Viztek’s comprehensive line of solutions has addressed the needs of radiologists, with special emphasis on the hospital market, as well as medical specialists from orthopedists, and urgent care facilities. Viztek has more than 1500 CR and 700 PACS solutions installed worldwide. For more information, visit or call 1-800-366-5343. Viztek is a wholly owned subsidiary of 20/20 HealthCare.

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