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Miners Colfax Medical Center Selects CoActiv Medical EXAM-PACS & EXAM-VAULT Cloud-Based Archiving

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PACS news Implements Advanced New Solutions for Less Cost Than Previous PACS Annual Maintenance Contract

November 30, 2011—Chicago—Miners Colfax Medical Center in Raton, NM has selected CoActiv’s advanced EXAM-PACS® and EXAM-VAULT® Quad Redundant Cloud-Based Archiving to manage its multi-modality medical images, which are read 24/7 by an offsite teleradiology partner. The hospital was seeking to either upgrade or replace its existing solution from a major national vendor because the PACS had rapidly become outmoded and expensive to maintain in the four years since it had been installed.

“We selected CoActiv because the company’s offerings had all of today’s advanced features at a purchase price less than what we paid for the maintenance contract on the existing PACS,” said Brian Moffett, CRTR, radiology manager for Miners Colfax.  “When we saw the CoActiv PACS in action, we were extremely impressed with its performance.”

Although a small community hospital, Miner Colfax maintains a strong commitment to patient care, realized in part by leveraging advanced technology to provide state-of-the-art medical services. Its busy radiology department offers CR, MRI, CT, ultrasound and fluoroscopy exams and sends all exams digitally for reading by its contracted offsite radiology partner.  Therefore, the PACS provides a vital lifeline to the quality and timeliness of its diagnostic imaging services.

According to Moffett, the radiology team felt that the slow speed of its prior PACS and lack of advanced features was hampering workflow and exam quality. However, an upgrade to the newest version of its then current vendor’s PACS required an upgrade of all of the PCs supporting it.  “This would have been a significant expense beyond the software application itself and would have been difficult if not impossible for our small hospital to fund,” he said.  Convinced that Miners Colfax would find a better solution with a new vendor, he began the search process at RSNA in 2010.

After identifying appropriate vendors, the search team invited a number to present their products onsite and carefully evaluated all references provided. CoActiv’s EXAM-PACS stood out because it had received the highest KLAS rating of all vendors under consideration. Its technology was the most robust and easy-to-use and did not involve any proprietary hardware. Moreover, CoActiv’s cloud-based archiving component included built-in redundancy as part of the basic package, making a separate back up service unnecessary.

“The EXAM-VAULT storage system was another significant benefit for us,” says Moffett. “It gave us excellent disaster protection at a lower price than other competing cloud solutions, while also guaranteeing business continuity. It was just a far superior solution all around. And CoActiv was clearly the most responsive of all vendors considered in the search process.”

Once CoActiv was selected, according to Moffett, the installation process proceeded problem-free. CoActiv pre-installed its PACS software on the off-the-shelf PCs and shipped them onsite. Then, the CoActiv support team traveled to the hospital, plugged in the system, and it was up and running.  “The process was so simple, we almost could have done it ourselves,” says Moffett, who notes that the hospital did not experience a second of down time during the transition.

Thus far, with the CoActiv PACS, workflow and exam turnaround have been significantly faster than with our previous PACS, boosting patient care.  Moffett notes that the new PACS has an extremely user- friendly interface and boasts a host of additional convenience features such as advanced worklist automation.

“Everyone is extremely pleased with the new technology—radiology staff, ER doctors and other in-house users,” he says, “The system has met with extremely enthusiastic response from all involved. CoActiv staff is only a phone call away if we have a question.  We know we made the right decision with CoActiv.”

About CoActiv

CoActiv Medical™ is a leading healthcare software and IT systems provider offering a full line of PACS, digital image and data storage services and related solutions for hospitals, imaging facilities and  medical practices of all sizes. CoActiv’s EXAM-PACS® family of web-based PACS solutions provide leading edge, affordable and scalable image management with sophisticated tools that cater to the needs of radiologists as well as a full range of other imaging specialists.  Available as both enterprise server-based and cloud-based solutions, EXAM-PACS is designed for easy integration into imaging facilities of any size. Comprised of modular software components, EXAM-PACS enables any site to customize a solution to meet their specific needs and budgets or to add advanced functionality to an existing PACS solution.

EXAM-PACS includes EXAM-FILER® CD-burning solution; vendor-neutral, HIPAA- compliant, offsite/online EXAM-VAULT® QUAD-REDUNDANT ARCHIVING®; patent-pending EXAM-SENDER® referring physician system; EXAM-3D® advanced, multi-modular 3D color reconstruction and visualization; EXAM-NET™ teleradiology suite and EXAM-BROWSER™, a revolutionary fully cloud-based, zero-footprint universal DICOM viewer that enables anywhere, anytime review of medical images on any PACS from any platform, including iPhone, iPad, and all Android and other tablets and smartphones.  EXAM-PACS includes such premium features as support for breast specific gamma imaging (BSGI) and storage of non-DICOM data such as prescriptions, reports and surgical plans in patient files.  Complementing this is CoActiv’s family of EXAM-RIS® solutions scaled for imaging facilities of every size site and budget.  Contact CoActiv at (877) 262-2848;;

Media contacts:

Jeanne-Marie Phillips

CoActiv Medical

Ridgefield, CT


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