New Tool Used to Measure ROI for Remote Monitoring Efforts

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ROI toolA new web-based tool recently revealed allows providers to gauge their return on investment (ROI) on remote patient monitoring technologies.

The tool, developed by The Center for Connected Health (CCH) and the Center for Technology and Aging (CTA) have worked in tandem on the progress of a tool for deciphering the ROI for remote patient monitoring technologies, permitting healthcare providers a means to assess the financial benefit of these technologies for patients with chronic heart disease.

Remote patient monitoring (RMP) supplies an ever-growing means of distributing health care in the U.S. improving care delivery, access to care, and quality of life, while cutting health care costs.

Typically suppliers and buyers interested in RMP programs usually need evidence, especially financial evidence, that illustrate the proficiency of a RPM program before granting its approval of integration or expansion. Therefore, the ROI tool aids health care suppliers the ability to evaluate the existing ROI of a recognized RPM program, in accordance with determining possible ROI for the coming years.

Co-produced with the California HealthCare Foundation, this web-based ROI tool helps construct a sturdy economic case that healthcare organizations require in order to take RPM programs to the next level.

“Remote patient monitoring increasingly offers providers new options for improving the care of America’s aging population, particularly those with a chronic disease,” said Director of the Center for Technology and Aging, David Lindeman, PhD.

“This new tool not only assists program managers to evaluate financial ROI, but it also identifies potential program efficiencies, making the ROI Tool effective for both evaluation and decision-making,” added Corporate Manager of Research and Innovation for the Center for Connected Health, Kamal Jethwani, MD, MPH.

The ROI tool was engineered and tested by a number of different health care companies that participated in the CTA Diffusion Grant Program. HealthCare Partners (HCP) used the tool to measure the worth of its remote patient monitoring program for chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The organization soon found out that through the use of the ROI tool, it garnered a positive ROI of 1.3 to 1 after one year, with numbers expecting to soar to 18.9 to 1 in a period of five years.

"The importance of accurate, compelling and relevant health services research cannot be overstated in an evolving care environment,” said Director of the Torrance, Calif., HealthCare Partners Institute for Applied Research and Education, Jeremy Rich.

Results from using the ROI tool further cements and promotes the use of RPM as a productive means of lessening unnecessary hospitalization admission rates.

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