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New Medical Imaging Technology Developed To Overcome Multi-Facility Challenges

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 New Medical Imaging Technology Developed To Overcome Multi-Facility ChallengesMedical Image of Hand“A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked.
John Gall, The Systems Bible Gall’s quote above can be very readily applied to meeting the needs of multi-facility hospitals and health care organizations, particularly, the needs of the medical imaging department. Some of the more common challenges with managing medical imaging across multiple facilities include:

  • Radiologist travel needs
  • Slow report turnaround times
  • Disparate systems containing incomplete patient information

And it was this last challenge in particular, coupled with over 1,100 medical imaging system installations, that helped to drive the development of the newest enterprise medical imaging solutions from McKesson.

Aligning IT to Support Integrated Delivery System

An example of one such installation was that of Bloomington Hospital, headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana.  For more than 100 years, Bloomington Hospital has served the communities of south-central Indiana as a regional referral center with a reputation for clinical excellence, innovation and collaboration.

But the hospital’s best-of-breed, department-centric IT structure wasn’t aligned with its patient-centric mission and vision. While its facilities shared the same patients, they didn’t share patient information and images.

When Mark McMath became Bloomington Hospital’s chief information officer in 2003, he quickly realized that change was necessary.

“Clearly, we needed a different approach,” McMath said. “We had to align IT across the organization to support our vision for an integrated delivery system that would provide the high-quality, safe and affordable healthcare our region needs and deserves.”

When selecting a vendor to implement this sweeping, multilayered model, Bloomington Hospital’s physicians, staff and leaders chose McKesson. Early successes with McKesson’s document imaging products helped sway the team; so did a common vision — timeline and can-do attitude.

“We needed functionally rich products that would go wide and deep, and McKesson was the only company that could meet our comprehensive requirements,” McMath said. “The company’s performance, strong and rapid implementation methodology and wide-ranging integration capabilities sealed the deal.

Newer Innovations Forthcoming

Ultimately, while installations like the one above teach us about the challenges being faced by multi-facility health care organizations, they also bring to light new opportunities for the type of imaging innovations that can enhance both workflow and patient care.  And these opportunities are what will continue to drive the innovations we bring to this market.

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