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Aneurin Bevan Health Board Selects CCube Solutions to Deliver an Electronic Document System

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Healthcare IT news CCube Solutions has been selected by the Aneurin Bevan Health Board to deliver a Trust-wide electronic document and records management system (EDRMS). The Health Board provides acute, community, mental and child health services to 639,000 people in South Wales, approximately 21% of the total Welsh population.

CCube is supplying the CCube EDRMS software suite, specifically designed to deliver paperless healthcare to the NHS. Its partner, US firm BancTec, is providing support and maintenance services. Aneurin Bevan is the first health board in NHS Wales to procure an EDRMS. Vijay Magon, managing director of CCube, said the two companies were selected because they provided a cost effective and proven solution to digitizing patient records.

“A number of NHS Trusts are already using CCube’s solutions Trust-wide and have stopped using paper casenotes entirely”, he said. “We are unique in this market in that we can point to substantial and measurable financial and clinical benefits our users are already achieving with our electronic health record.”

Aneurin Bevan Health Board will first focus on scanning and publishing health records, and will then move on to digitally capture information from additional sources. The EDRMS will introduce electronic workflow to maximise productivity and increase patient safety and the quality of care.

“We are looking to create ready electronic access to patient records. This will reduce the costs and risks currently associated with securely managing and storing our paper health records,” said Steven Harding, Informatics Directorate at Aneurin Bevan Health Board. “But more importantly, we will increase the accessibility of the patient record to staff making information available at the click of a mouse, thereby reducing the time spent in clinics and wards locating crucial information”, he added.

“By integrating CCube EDM into our current clinical information systems we will have created a significant potential to improve clinical and clinical support processes across the board and ultimately to improve the level of patient care we provide.”

NHS Wales has developed a clinical portal, known as the Welsh Clinical Portal, as part of its national clinical information systems strategy. The CCube solution will integrate both with this portal, once it is fully developed and rolled out nationally, and with Aneurin Bevan’s existing local clinical portal, known as Clinical Work Station.

The CCube solution will also interface with the Myrddin PAS, National Active Directory and the national Master Patient Index. The Health Records Service will administer the system, and the installation will be on a new infrastructure and cabling scheme.

For more information, please contact:

Vijay Magon, managing director, CCube Solutions, 01908 677752

About Aneurin Bevan Health Board

ABHB covers the Gwent area, employing more than 14,000 staff and delivering a full range of Acute, Community, Mental Health, and Child Health services to the resident population of Gwent and surrounding areas. The Health Board, which is based on five main sites, is currently undergoing a major strategic redevelopment program (Clinical Futures) that will see new facilities built on various sites and realignment of service delivery over a six-year period.

About CCube Solutions

CCube’s modular electronic document and records management solutions are designed to deliver paperless healthcare throughout the NHS. With over 25 Trusts using CCube solutions – and a number which have stopped using paper casenotes altogether - CCube is already delivering measurable clinical and financial benefits. Portal technology and support for mobile devices ensure that up-to-date clinical information is available at the point of need. CCube also supplies enterprise content management solutions to local government and the private sector. For further information, please visit

About BancTec

BancTec is a global leader in document management solutions and outsourcing services for organizations seeking to drive efficiency in their financial and back-office processes. Headquartered in Dallas with clients in 50 countries, BancTec leverages its proprietary IP and deep expertise to provide flexible, focused solutions across the financial services, healthcare, utility, transportation and government sectors. The company also operates 19 BPO centers across Europe and worldwide, utilizing a common technology platform to deliver reliability, security, and consistently high levels of performance. To learn more, visit or call 01753 778888.

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