Claron Technology Debuts WIF version 2.1

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Healthcare IT news Next-Generation Medical Imaging Software Development Platform Enhances Support for Lesion Segmentation and Tracking

October 4, 2012, Toronto—Claron Technology introduces Withinsight Framework (WIF) version 2.1, which adds advanced new segmentation tools, registration enhancements, and performance improvements to the company’s innovative platform supporting efficient and rapid development of medical image visualization software. Combined with Claron’s patented fast whole-body atlas-based registration technology, these features enable the development of organ-specific automated and semi-automated volumetric lesion segmentation and tracking applications. Claron also added five new sample applications which demonstrate how to optimally use the functions and features added to WIF in the new release.

Since its introduction in 2008, WIF has provided leading healthcare companies with the software toolkit for the development of more than 30 applications, ranging from 3D ultrasound through MRI CAD, CTA vessel analysis, PACS image reading and sharing to therapy planning and guidance systems. Currently, these solutions are in use in thousands of clinical sites worldwide.

This newest product release delivers on Claron’s commitment to providing leading edge technology that meets its partners’ evolving needs. “Claron partners with some of today’s most innovative healthcare technology developers,” says Doron Dekel, Co-CEO, Claron Technology. “With on-going enhancements to WIF, we ensure these companies maintain market leadership positions without the large software maintenance expenses that in-house development requires. In addition to many incremental improvements to performance and functionality, this release offers a number of cutting-edge features, such as single-click segmentation of blob-shaped regions and powerful 3D region editing tools. Two of our partners have already started integrating these new features into their solutions, and we expect others to follow.”

The WIF software development platform provides visualization, segmentation, registration and navigation functionality to support development of standalone, thin-client and zero-footprint medical imaging applications.  Along with enhanced segmentation tools, WIF version 2.1 also provides support for additional modalities, including OPT data and multi-dimensional MR/NM, as well as additional registration techniques, while enhancing overall speed and performance.

About Claron Technology, Inc

Claron is dedicated to the application of image processing technology in medicine.  It has extensive experience in developing systems that help clinicians identify anatomy and tissues of interest, visualize and analyze them, and safely navigate their instruments during surgical procedures.  Claron helps healthcare vendors, ranging from young start-ups to large multi-national device and IT vendors, deliver more value to their clinical customers faster by incorporating its technology into their products.  Claron's technology is licensed in a range of formats, including low-level modules, platforms, sub-systems, applications and custom engineered exclusive solutions. For more details, please visit

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