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TeraMedica’s Evercore VNA Achieves 3 Times Efficiency Gain in Exam Management

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healthcare IT newsEvercore Now Features Greatly Enhanced Operating Speeds

(May 31st, 2012 - MILWAUKEE, WI) With the release of Evercore v. 5.6, TeraMedica has demonstrated the ability to manage a 300% increase in annualized exam volume assuming equivalent IT platforms. The vast portion of these improvements was reached by streamlining the Evercore system’s DICOM engine. The company also utilized more efficient technologies within the system to achieve these significant results.

TeraMedica is committed to technology choices that make the most efficient use of computer resources,” says Del Coufal, Vice President, Marketing for the company. “Given that the company provides the industry’s leading enterprise-wide clinical imaging archive, TeraMedica is especially cognizant of the high volume of activities required by a Vendor Neutral Archive solution.”

To further improve Evercore’s data management and solidify TeraMedica’s product as the most comprehensive clinical archive solution, the company has greatly enhanced its ability to process data. This applies not only to incoming exam data, but also to the speed the data traverses to a storage platform or a visualization workstation.  

Evercore integrates and manages patient-centric clinical content in clinical and research settings across wide geographies, including standard DICOM objects. Evercore also possesses the ability to natively manage and distribute beyond DICOM using global standards such as MPG, JPG, PDF and many other critical clinical content such as treatment plans for cancer care or vital reports in non-standard formats.  

TeraMedica’s patented Smartstore™ module intelligently manages the total image lifecycle of DICOM and beyond. The Univision™ module provides a multi-layer, zero-download image viewer, with seamless integration to any EMR/EHR/PHR/RHIO. TeraMedica's vendor-independent platform connects multiple PACS to any storage system, thus ending cumbersome data migration.

About TeraMedica® Inc.

TeraMedica, Inc., a global healthcare informatics company based in Milwaukee, WI, is the leading provider of vendor neutral, enterprise-wide solutions for unrestricted medical image management. The company began with the successful development of a cross-departmental, patient-centric clinical image archive for the Mayo Clinic in 2001. To date, TeraMedica has over 600 customer-driven deployments on six continents. Such flexibility can only be achieved by an organization that is committed to exceeding customer expectations using a technology platform that has been designed for adaptation.  For more information, visit  

Del Coufal
Vice President, Marketing
Toll free: 866.290.8880    Local: 414.908.7717

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