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Laurel Bridge Software Announces New Release of Compass DICOM Store & Forward Routing Solution

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Healthcare IT news Newark, DE (March 13, 2012) – Laurel Bridge released version 2.1.24 of Compass™, its sophisticated, rules-based DICOM Store and Forward Routing application for DICOM store jobs. The latest improvements are focused on improving the user’s ability to understand and manage problem image routing situations. Many of the enhancements provided solve real-life scenarios submitted by the Compass user community.

Latest enhancements include:

  •  Job Reports: Right-clicking a Failed, Sent, or Queued (for retry) job allows the user to open the Job Report, which provides detailed association information, context negotiation, individual instance statuses, errors, as well as a job summary.
  •  Allow Skip: For destinations where no context id can be negotiated, jobs may be configured to skip the instance.
  •  GUI enhancements:
  •  Job table view filter settings are persisted across sessions.
  •  Job states may be manually changed by the operator: Send, Hold, Cancel.
  •  Job handling improvements:
  •  Improved handling of large, non-pixel binary elements.
  •  "Continue on Error" option so jobs can partially complete, on a per-destination basis.
  •  Send to a secondary destination, if it fails to send to the primary destination, on a per-destination basis.
  •  Job logging may be configured to include more details regarding rule processing.

About Laurel Bridge Software

Laurel Bridge Software (LBS) specializes in DICOM applications and tools for the medical imaging industry, especially in areas related to network communication for medical devices, appliances and enterprise imaging systems. LBS has a wealth of experience developing modalities, workstations/viewers, PACS, archives and protocol or image converters in support of medical imaging applications.

For additional information about this press release or to receive more information about product offerings, please contact Greg Muller by emailing, or visiting

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