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Healthcare IT newsThe French Ministry of Health has recently started a new project “Region sans Film”, or filmless region, to deliver healthcare IT applications, such as PACS and RIS, to one of the most populated regions in the country, the Ile de France. A new consortium has been established between Orange and GE Healthcare. The consortium will be handing the delivery of healthcare IT solutions to hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the region.

Since nearly 50% of hospitals in France still use film-based medical imaging scans, “This is an enormous breakthrough for the region” as Bernard Algayres, General Manager of GE Healthcare IT eHealth, EMEA, said. Mr. Algayres added “Faster diagnostic turnaround times and access to patient images by GPs are only the beginning. In future phases of this project, we’re going to build digital bridges across areas that now present great divides. It’s a very exciting initiative.”

GE will implement its Centricity PACS at 30 hospitals during the first stage of Region sans Film project. Naima Mezaour, CIO of Institut Gustave Roussy Oncology Hospital, welcomes the new project saying that it helped the hospital in reducing costs. She explained “We made an evaluation before subscribing to the archiving service, which demonstrated a real financial advantage compared to maintaining an archive in house. This even takes into account the migration costs of more than 800,000 studies from our legacy local archive,”

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