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GE and Microsoft to Start a New Healthcare IT Joint Venture

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Healthcare IT news In a recent announcement, Microsoft and GE Healthcare mentioned that they will establish a new healthcare IT joint venture. The latter will be concentrating on providing interoperable platforms for better management of patients, especially those with chronic conditions.

The new venture will start with acquiring various currently-used healthcare solutions. Microsoft will be offering its experience in creating healthcare IT systems. GE, on the other hand, will concentrate on providing software solutions for clinical administrative workflows.

The new venture will offer several healthcare IT solutions including electronic health records (EHR), radiology information systems (RIS), in addition to various other solutions. Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft, said in a recent statement "Combining Microsoft's open, interoperable health platforms and software expertise with GE's experience and healthcare solutions will create exciting opportunities for patients and healthcare providers alike,"

Dr. Brandon Savage, GE’s chief medical officer, said "With this platform, it makes everybody have access to a common set of tools, a comprehensive set of patient information so that people with the greatest insight on how to improve care have very little barriers to making a difference in healthcare," Nate McLemore, general manager of Health Solutions Group in Microsoft, said "Third parties can create applications that leverage that platform, and individuals can create use cases and share them among a user community,"

One of the main existing solutions that will be added to the new venture is Amalga. The latter is a health intelligence platform that permits doctors to access the medical history of their patients. Two other solutions will be added to the new venture by Microsoft, Vergence and expreSSO. Vergence is a single sign-on and context-management program. expreSSO, on the other hand, is a single sign-on application. The new venture is expected to be active by early 2012. The company’s CEO will be Michael J. Simpson, vice president and general manager at GE Healthcare IT.

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