Claron introduces Nil Image Viewer for iPad and iPhone

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Healthcare IT November 28, 2011—Chicago—Claron Technology announces the introduction of an iPad and iPhone app for its family of Nil medical image viewers. Nil viewers-- which include both a diagnostic version introduced this year at RSNA and referring physician offering-- run on any device within a Web browser.

Now, Claron offers even greater convenience for Apple technology users with a free Nil app available at the Apple Store. The new Nil iPhone/iPad product will provide complete access to all the functionalities of NilShare and NilRead, including side-by-side viewing, arrangement and comparison of multiple series/multiple studies. Series can be linked and viewed synchronized. The new Nil app also will support two new advanced viewing protocols for  PET-CT or PET-MR  data fusion and for optimized viewing of enhanced MR and  CT studies.

“The NilRead viewer will now be easy to find on the Apple Store,” says Claudio Gatti, co-founder and co-CEO of Claron. “This introduction combines the flexibility of Nil’s Web approach to image viewing, with the established online and mobile markets provided by the iOS platform. Users will be able run the viewer from Claron Nil servers or enter their own private server address.”

Claron’s Nil viewer is a web-based software solution that allows clinicians to securely visualize 2D and 3D imaging studies anywhere a Web browser is available with no application download. It is compatible with Windows, Apple, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Nil supports viewing from both local and cloud-based archives, allowing ease of access and high performance. Since its introduction at RSNA 2010, Nil has been integrated with the technologies of a growing number of partners in various imaging markets. The iOS app offers a complementary option to increase the ease of access to Nil on mobile devices. This product introduces Claron’s new family of Nil apps for all the major mobile platforms.  It will be demonstrated at Claron booth at RSNA 2011 and available on the Apple app store by the end of the year.

About Claron Technology, Inc

Claron is dedicated to the application of image processing, image sharing and image distribution in medicine. It has extensive experience in developing systems that help clinicians identify anatomy and tissues of interest, visualize and analyze them, and securely distribute them on a variety of different platforms from desktop to smartphones. Claron helps healthcare vendors, ranging from young start-ups to giant device and IT vendors such as Philips, McKesson and Medtronic, deliver more value to their clinical customers faster by incorporating its technology into their products. Claron's technology is licensed in a range of formats, including low-level modules, platforms, sub-systems, applications and custom engineered exclusive solutions. For more details, visit

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