CSC Showcases its Innovations at Arab Health 2011

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Healthcare IT newsCSC, a global healthcare IT supplier, is showcasing a wide range of its state-of-art innovations during the Arab Health 2011 Exhibition taking place in Dubai, UAE, 24th - 27th of January.

After being active in the Middle East region for more than 25 years, CSC established its CSC Arabia division in 2003. "The example being set by many Middle Eastern countries in the forward-thinking and imaginative application of healthcare IT is quite inspirational, and we want to be part of this." said Dr. Harald Deutsch, vice president CSC Healthcare EMEA.

Dr. Deutsch added "For many years now, we have been enabling our clients, all over the world, to achieve their healthcare goals through the effective use of information to improve patient care and outcomes, reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency. We believe that CSC's advanced range of business and clinical consulting process, technology and outsourcing solutions have an important part to play in the continued rapid development of healthcare across the Middle East."

Dr. Deutsch explained "CSC is transforming healthcare with better information for better decisions. By working with health ministries, providers, and payers, we are driving reform to deliver more efficient and cost effective care to save lives and money. Arab Health is a great opportunity to share best practice and we aim to show how the cultural, political, organizational and technical challenges of healthcare transformation can be overcome to achieve improved service delivery in all countries and regions throughout the Middle East."

Some of the innovations presented by CSC at the Arab Health 2011 include “Hospital in a Box”, which is a turnkey enterprise solution that involves everything that links patients and their doctors with a single electronic medical record system. “Patient in your Pocket (PIYP)” is another innovation offered by CSC, transforming how healthcare professionals on the move access and update patient information. Users just receive up-to-date information about their patients and schedule of appointments on their BlackBerry smartphone and can add data using a digital pen or by dictation.  “Patient Self-Care” is another creative solution for patients with chronic conditions. Using this Telemedicine tool, patients are able to monitor themselves and share the results with their healthcare providers via video conferencing, reducing the need for re-hospitalization and periodic face-to-face consultations.

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