You are in PORTALS Healthcare IT Agreement Between Alaska Communications And ASHNHA For Alaska Rural Telehealth Network.

Agreement Between Alaska Communications And ASHNHA For Alaska Rural Telehealth Network.

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98144telemedicineIn an announcement made by Alaska Communications, it declared that it was glad to sign a new three-year strategic agreement with the Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association (ASHNHA) in order to provide the Alaska Rural Telehealth Network (ARTN) with a network of small, rural and remote hospitals and clinics across Alaska, with managed network and videoconferencing services. The Alaska Rural Telehealth Network provides its six member hospitals and clinics with access to professional physicians and innovative healthcare through telemedicine services, including teleradiology and digital imaging. Such service is created to serve more than 50 percent of Alaska's rural and remote population.

The services provided by Alaska Communications have many advantages as it enable ARTN's member hospitals and clinics to connect patients in rural Alaska with healthcare professionals, even when a doctor or specialist is not available on site. In addition, the services facilitate ongoing distance education for workers in the rural clinics.Karen Perdue, ASHNHA president and chief executive officer mentioned that “The Association needs a secure network and services that it can depend on to deliver healthcare to our patients across the state, She added. “Alaska Communications' proven track record for outstanding customer service, managing complex data networks, high-definition videoconferencing capabilities and expansive medical networks in Alaska and the Lower 48 made Alaska Communications the ideal partner for us.”

Michael Wynschenk, Alaska Communications senior vice president of sales said “The ARTN network is a great example of how technology can transform the delivery of healthcare. Our medical network takes advantage of all of our business data solutions ' connectivity, videoconferencing and professional IT services from our partner, TekMate. Combining those with medical-grade data security and around-the-clock network monitoring and customer service, we effectively increase the access to, and the quality of, healthcare for patients in rural and remote Alaska,”

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