New healthcare ID system to be installed in Australia

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Healthcare Identifier, a sixteen digit number card will be assigned for every single person in Australia by the beginning of July. It will be used to keep record for healthcare information for each patient, allowing rapid access by doctors to patient's health history.

Since the new system is obligatory, it made some fears that it might be used for further purposes by government that may violate privacy. Several countries have electronic health records such as United States and United Kingdom. Yet, it is not obligatory to join them by people.

The program will be operated by Medicare, allowing Medicare members to have a patient's health history by using his id health number. The Medical Software Industry Association says it has not yet seen a working version of the system, atleast six months of testing is required on current software before starting any changes.

About Medicare Australia:

It is an Australian government agency acting on the Australian health section. It aims to improve health service in the country. Medicare is universal health care system of Australia, introduced in 1984 to provide eligible Australian residents with affordable, accessible and high-quality health care.for more information,pleae visit

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