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Telemedicine And e-Health Offer Improved Healthcare Services in Nigeria.

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telemed_NigeriaThe 4th Nigerian conference on Telemedicine and e-Health took place recently in Gombe. The conference noted that in order to achieve the targets of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), there is a need to increase the adoption of Telemedicine and e-Health as major solutions for improving healthcare services in the country, especially for rural regions that do not have accessibility or affordability to healthcare services. The conference confirmed that both Telemedicine and e-Health are having the potential to enhance the quality and accessibility to healthcare services in Nigeria.

Telemedicine and e-Health adoption in Nigeria.

Moreover, the conference stressed that there is a need for strong advocacy to telecommunications operators in order to support the adoption of Telemedicine and e-Health. A national committee for managing the adoption of such technologies is needed, and this committee should include administrative members such as the National Communications Commission, Federal Ministry of Communications, Federal Ministry of Health, and National Primary Healthcare development Agency. The conference confirmed that the establishment of such committee is necessary in order to adopt and operate successful Telemedicine and e-Health programs in Nigeria. Furthermore, the participants at the conference recommended the Nigerian government to tailor policies that would encourage the healthcare facilities, especially private ones; to adopt Telemedicine and e-Health programs, such policies would provide a proper environment for that adoption. Meanwhile, participants suggested that information about Telemedicine and e-Health should be included in curriculum of science schools and centers of excellence, in order to increase the awareness of the importance of such solutions in improving healthcare services in Nigeria.

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