Iran produces herbal compound for cancer treatment

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Iran announced that it has started production of herbal medicine, interferon gamma, for cancer. "The Iranian gamascientists have identified the herbal extracts that induce immune cells to produce interferon and activate toll-like receptors," said Esmaeil Saei, the head of the technology department at Teacher Training University Iran. He added "Ampoule Injections given to patients diagnosed with cancer contain one milligram of interferon-gamma. Iran is currently importing the vital ampoules at the high cost of 2,800 dollars each," and "With the domestic, plant-based production of this medicine we will cut costs to 10 percent of the current amount, which will lead to substantial savings in the country's expenses,"

Saei also confirmed that the domestic version of the medicine, unlike counterparts made at Western countries, has no side-effects for patients as it is produced from herbal extracts. He concluded that the production of such vital substance increases the chance of producing interferon beta, a drug in the interferon family used in treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS).

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