Tablet-based Ultrasound System Directed for Point-of-Care

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A new tablet-based ultrasound system built to meet and achieve all applications in the point-of-care field, which is among the fastest growing medical field in the healthcare industry.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Seoul, Republic of Korea), revealed its first tablet-based ultrasound system, the Samsung UGEO PT60A. With its performance, slender, and compact size, and easy to use, this latest development is among a number of novel medical imaging products. Samsung displayed the new system at the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) annual meeting in San Francisco (CA, USA).

Equipped with advanced clinical technology, the UGEO PT60A features include: a 10.1-inch light-emitting diode (LED) touch-screen monitor; Needle Mate, for exact identification of the needle’s location; SDMR feature, which offers clearer imaging with a new noise reduction filter; and finally, SCI, which provides spatial and contrast resolution.UGEO PT60A tablet-based ultrasound system

“We are excited to launch the groundbreaking Samsung UGEO PT60A ultrasound system, which is uniquely engineered to meet the ever growing needs of the portable healthcare market. This system underscores our continued commitment to introducing increased innovation to the healthcare market through our health and medical business unit,” said director of sales for Samsung’s health and medical equipment unit, Brian Keith.

Using the one-touch measurement features of the portable and compact UGEO PT60A, exam findings are provided with exceeding effectiveness. The system’s Auto IMT (intima media thickness) and swift diagnosis report can help providers make vital decisions more easily. Subsequently this allows for fast and timely treatment for the patient.

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