Star Valley Medical Center Acquires a New Mobile MRI Unit

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Digital radiography news Star Valley Medical Center (SVMC), Afton, Wy, has recently cooperated with a number of hospitals in the area and acquired a mobile Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) unit from GE Healthcare. The latter will be available at the Center from Monday until Friday.

Terry Lemon R.T., Radiology Director at SVMC, “The images that the new MRI system provides are unsurpassed in quality, and allow the radiologist to see very subtle pathology with amazing clarity” The new mobile MRI unit generates images with high quality. Dr. Lemon said “It used to be a valid argument that an MRI located on a mobile truck was inferior to an MRI that was located inside a building”

He continued “However, this is definitely not the case anymore. There is no doubt that if SVMC decided to purchase an MRI and place it within the hospital, we would want to buy the very same MRI that we have right now on the mobile truck because there is currently no higher performing system even available.”

The new mobile MRI system is even offering new options that were not usually provided at SVMC. Ken Brough, interim CEO and Star Valley Medical Center, said “The SVMC Radiology Department is excited to provide many additional tests that were not done at our facility prior to the purchase of this new unit,”

He continued “This new MRI machine developed by GE provides the newest and highest level of technology available. In fact, it is the only one of its kind in the region. We are pleased to be able to upgrade and expand the MRI service offering to the communities of Star Valley, and the surrounding areas.”

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