Radiology Expert Dr. Groebner Joins New Ulm Medical Center.

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radiology_device_2New Ulm Medical Center (NUMC), New Ulm, Minn. Announced that it has been joined by a new radiologist, Nate Groebner, M.D., how has returned back to his own city following several years of medical studies and residency. Dr. Groebner is going to be the primary radiologists at NUMC.  He has obtained his medical degree from the Medical School at the University of Minnesota. Dr.Groebner later finished an internship at Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin and had a radiology residency for four years at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

More about Dr.Groebner.

While growing up, Dr.Groebner did not have any intention to become a physician like his father, Dan Groebner, M.D., he said "But as I started exploring different careers, I found that medicine combines a lot of different interests such as science and working with a variety of different people," He added that the technical and diagnostic criteria of radiology made him decide to specialize in this branch of medicine. Dr. Groebner is also looking forward to know more people. He explained "I did a lot of research work when I was in college, but I missed the interaction with people. I like to be fairly hands on in my practice. I like to talk to patients and their referring physician, (and) I like to be engaged and involved in patient care." Dr. Goebner is going to offer his patients at NUMC a wide range of diagnostic procedures including CT guided biopsies, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy, in addition to abscess drainage. Despite the fact that all of these procedures are already carried out at NUMC, the presence of Dr. Goebner will significantly improve the provided services as he is going to be available at the facility on regular basis. He expressed his happiness for joining NUMC and returning back to his own city. He said "I had a really good experience growing up here and liked the community. When my wife and I would come back to visit, she liked it too,"


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