You are in PORTALS Cardiac Imaging Siemens Improves its Artis Zee Angiography Systems with MediGuide Catheter Navigation Technology

Siemens Improves its Artis Zee Angiography Systems with MediGuide Catheter Navigation Technology

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Cardiac imaging news Siemens Healthcare, a leading company providing medical imaging systems, has recently added the navigation technology, MediGuide, to its Artis zee angiography systems. MediGuide technology was developed by St. Jude Medical.

The new technology uses magnetic targeting to determine the position of catheter during cardiac interventional procedures. It also shows the exact location of catheter in real-time on a previously generated fluoroscopy image of the patient. MediGuide also helps in reducing radiation doses delivered to the patients as there is no need to continuously scan patients with angiography systems to review the movement of the catheter.

Siemens has become the first company to use St. Jude Medicalís MediGuide with its systems. Siemensí Artis zee systems are now able to offer better catheter navigation during interventional procedures.

Dr. Heinrich Kolem, Head of the Angiography & Interventional X-ray business unit at Siemens Healthcare, said "With the MediGuide Technology, we have expanded our CARE dose-reduction initiative with a critical functionality," adding "We are convinced that our customers will achieve better clinical results, especially during complex procedures, and at the same time will be able to save both dose and time."

The new Artis zee supported with MediGuide technology has been successfully used for the first time at the Heart Center Leipzig in Germany. Professor Dr. Gerhard Hindricks, Director of the Rhythmology Department, said "The low-radiation, precise localization of the catheter tip onto the pre-recorded fluoroscopy image is a most impressive function, because the system is able to compensate the motion from heart beat and breathing,"

He continued "Our clinical experience now includes more than 50 patients. The technology will have a significant impact in the field of catheter ablation, but also for the placement of left ventricular leads for cardiac resynchronization."

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