Cooper Clinic Offers New 4D Cardiac Echo Imaging

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Cardiac imaging news

Cooper Clinic Cardiologists in Fort Smith has recently invested in a 4D Cardiac Echo technology which offers new options for diagnosis of heart diseases.

"Our physicians have decided to invest in the latest piece of state of the art tech so they can deliver that care," says Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rebecca Fleck. Other than Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, Cooper clinic is the only facility in the state that offers what they call “the new gold standard" for echocardiograms.

"It's really 3D imaging but has been tapped 4D because this particular unit is able to get those three dimensional images in a single heartbeat," says Board Certified Cardiologist Timothy Waack, M.D. In contrast to traditional ultrasound images that are "pieced" together, the 4D Cardiac Echo technology from Siemens Healthcare captures pictures of the patient's entire heart in real time.

"We're also able to look at the structure of the valves, in a way that we have not been able to see them before to better determine why they are leaking to get a better idea for the surgeons when it comes time to start thinking about repairing or replacing these valves," Dr. Waack said. "It's a big difference. Because if that wall is not moving, like it should that means there's probably something that happened to it like a blockage, caused a heart attack, a small one. So it helps us pick up very subtle changes," he explained.

Waack also believes it will give patients higher confidence in their diagnosis. "The better we see things, the better we deal with them," he said. According to Cardiac Sonographers, having the test in 4D can add an extra five to ten minutes to the exam time.

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