You are in PORTALS Cardiac Imaging Siemens And Monaco Partners For The First "European Reference Centre Cardiovascular Medicine."

Siemens And Monaco Partners For The First "European Reference Centre Cardiovascular Medicine."

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Cardiovascular-march10-2Siemens Healthcare has entered an agreement with the Cardio Thoracic Centre of Monaco (CCM) to develop innovative solutions for diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. This agreement makes the Centre as the first Siemens’ European Reference Centre for Cardiovascular Medicine, which will serve as an international training centre for different visitors that demonstrates optimized clinical workflows and multi-modality imaging. The centre and Siemens have worked collaboratively for more than 25 years to develop medical technologies that aid in the diagnosis of patients all over the world.

Siemens and Monaco to promote cardiovascular technologies.

Professor Vincent Dor, chief executive of Cardio-Thoracic Centre said, “To be nominated Siemens’ European Reference Centre is not only an honor for us, it also allows us to advance the findings of our years of effort, that is in the diagnosis and therapy for cardiovascular disease and move on to new, extraordinary paths.” The initial joint projects between the company and the centre will give much attention to clinical systems that address individual disease patterns that include the entire workflow and finally the results will be integrated into Siemens’ future technological innovations. Tom Miller, chief executive of the customer solutions division at Siemens Healthcare, said, “The outstanding ranking CCM holds in the field of cardiovascular diseases is further emphasized by naming CCM a “Siemens European Reference Centre Cardiovascular Medicine.” He added, “The effective diagnostic and therapeutic process using imaging technologies and incorporating them into efficient processes plays a central role. Siemens has been successfully supporting CCM for more than 25 years with the company’s systems and know-how.”

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