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337-Siemens_S2000_02The new ultrasound system, The ACUSON S2000, from Siemens, is considered one of the latest workflow-improving clinical applications, innovative ergonomic design and most recent creative technology. Meeting the needs of the entire continuum of care from diagnosis to screening to therapy, the 2.0 release of ACUSON S2000 ultrasound system, includes characteristics that provide advanced applications for cardiac imaging.

The new features added in the 2.0 release of the ACUSON S2000 enhance diagnostic decision making and improve workflow efficiency with many advanced applications. Dynamic TCE™ tissue contrast improvement technology is an innovative new algorithm that offers advanced speckle decrease and improved contrast resolution for more useful images. It is now available on all phased array transducers.

The new device is ready to operate intracardic echocardiology (ICE) with the ACUSON AcuNav™ ultrasound catheter. Live Dual display functionally can view simultaneous of B-mode and color Doppler images with the push of one button, stopping the need for extra keystrokes and enhancing the workflow effectiveness. Extended eSieScan™ workflow protocols provide more features when carrying out exams. Anatomical M-mode corrects off-axis alignment to transfer anatomically significant M-mode imaging to support diagnostic making decision.The workflow improvements and the advanced imaging abilities enable the 2.0 release of the ACUSON S2000 system to work as a complete 2D cardiology solution for shared service organizations and cardiology laboratories.

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