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Key Image

A key image is a clinically significant image has been flagged or marked by the interpreting physician. Because devices

Key Image Note Integration Profile (KIN)

The Key Image Note (KIN) Integration Profile is a part of the IHE Radiology Technical Framework.This profile specif

Matching Keys

DICOM Query/Retrieve allows for querying a database from an archive, workstation, or other device for the information it

Accession Number

DICOM Modality Worklist makes patient demographic information, order details and scheduling information from a RIS

Attribute-level Confidentiality

Securing parts of the image header is achieved by implementing the so-called attribute level confidentiality. The underl

Audit Record Generation

Audit record generation is one of three key features of the IHE Basic Security Integration Profile. A device will genera

Authentication of the Node

The key features of the Basic Security Integration Profile are the following:  Authentication of the user, Authenti

Authentication of the User

The key features of the Basic Security Integration Profile defined by IHE are the following:  Authentication of the

Hardcopy Image

One cannot just take the pixel data from a DICOM image object, such as a CR image, and send it to the printer. In fact,


CDA stands for Clinical Document Architecture, which is specified in the HL7 domain. It functions as a longitudinal

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