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DICOM Storage is the most used DICOM service, allowing the exchange of images and other DICOM objects between devices. I

Color Consistency

Color consistency in display and print between different monitors and printers is achieved by methods similar to those u

Communication Environment for HL7

HL7 conceptually operates at the seventh level of the ISO model for Open System Interconnection (OSI). Since the OSI pro

Communication Profiles

DICOM conformance statements are the specifications of the DICOM capabilities and features of a particular product, pres


DICOM services cover two worlds, the composite world (C) with its associated objects and services, such as images, and t

Composite Commands

A DICOM SOP class is a combination of a DICOM service command (DIMSE) and an information object, or a Service Object Pai


The DICOM Presentation Context consists of the Abstract Syntax (what information is exchanged) and Transfer Syntax (how


A large set of DICOM objects are defined in the standard to contain the information that is exchanged using DICOM messag


One of the four categories for security implementation is confidentiality.  Confidentiality:  After getting ac

Configuration Management

DICOM requires fixed IP addresses and configuring AE Titles at each individual device. Dynamic addressing as is used for

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