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One can implement HIPAA in a proprietary manner or use standards, in particular DICOM, and the profile definitions as de

BA agreements

BA (business associate) is the HIPAA term for organizations that  are not covered entities, but that do have a

Basic Annotation Box SOP Class

The Annotation Box SOP Class is used to print a line of text on the top or bottom of a sheet of film produced by a DICOM

Basic Print Image Overlay Box SOP Class

The Basic Print Image Overlay SOP Class allows text to be sent to a DICOM-compliant printer separately from the image pi

Basic Security Integration Profile (SEC)

The deprecated Basic Security Integration Profile was used to establish security measures  for patient information

Basic Use Profile

One should determine what DICOM functionality is needed based on workflow requirements and specify that to a PACS and Mo

Big Endian

Big Endian is a form of byte ordering in which the least significant byte in a sequence is stored last.


A broker is an interface, typically in the form of a separate gateway box, needed for a modality or PACS to communicate

Bubble Diagrams

The interaction between the DICOM processes (called Application Entities - AEs) and the internal functions are described

Byte Ordering

Byte ordering specifies the order in which a sequence of bytes is stored. In Little Endian ordering, the least significa

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