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Bone scan demonstrated a focal area of photopenia in the lateral aspect of the right femoral head. T1-weighted MR images demonstrate a focal area of signal void in the lateral aspect of the epiphysis
Left Calve Perthes

  • Avascular necrosis of the femoral head. Most common age between 5 and 8. More often in boys. Bilateral 13%
  • Radiographic findings in AVN
  • Early Phase
    • widened Joint, subchondral Fractures, increased bone density
    • Decreased uptake on bone scan
    • Marrow edema on MRI
  • Intermediate Phase
    • Frangmented femoral epiphysis, lateralization of ossification center, cysts of demineralization, dense femoral head
  • Late Phase
    • Flattened and distorted femoral head, osteoarthritis
    • Increased uptake from revascularization/repair
    • Sclerosis on MRI
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