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Right Adnexa, + β-HCG
Representative image of Uterus

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Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy

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  • Coronal transvaginal view of the right adnexa demonstrates an extauterine gestational sac (arrows) containing an embryo (calipers)
  • Uterine cavity is empty



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  • Left-An intrauterine gestational sac is surrounded by two echogenic rings, an inner ring (short arrows),and an outer ring (long arrows), corresponding to two layers of decidua ("double decidua sign")
  • Right – sagittal transabdominal view of another patient demonstrates a fluid collection (arrows) in the uterus, with none of the characteristics of a gestational sac (no yolk sac or embryo within it, no double echogenic ring surrounding it). Such a fluid collection, representing blood or secretions in the uterine cavity in a patient with an ectopic pregnancy, has been termed a pseudogestational sac


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