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Introduction to IHE Introduction to IHE

Date added: 03/02/2010
Date modified: 09/01/2010
Filesize: 464.35 kB
Downloads: 89

This power point shows what is IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) activity, what it is NOO, and a couple of IHE profile definitions such as Scheduled Workflow (SWF), Patient Information Reconciliation (PIR),  Consistent Presentation of Images (CPI), Presentation of Grouped Procedures (PGP), and Key Images (aka Key Object Notes or KON).

Waveforms in DICOM Waveforms in DICOM

Date added: 03/02/2010
Date modified: 09/01/2010
Filesize: 222.01 kB
Downloads: 91

DICOM does not only address imaging but also waveforms. This power point presentation shows how DICOM waveforms fit in the DICOM information model and its main object structure with the several modules such as defined for ECG’s.

Maintaining RIS/PACS Data Integrity Maintaining RIS/PACS Data Integrity

Date added: 04/27/2010
Date modified: 09/01/2010
Filesize: 66.42 kB
Downloads: 92
There are many interactions between the RIS/PACS system and human operators, such as technologists and clerks, etc. Even the best trained professionals migth occasionally make a mistake which causes images to get temporarily lost, studies not show up on a worklist, procedures not being transcribed and/or billed, etc. One of the key jobs of the PACS SA is to manage these occurrences, and, if possible take corrective action by changing the exam status, fixing image headers, move queue, etc.

Purchasing PACS, rocket science? Purchasing PACS, rocket science?

Date added: 03/02/2010
Date modified: 09/01/2010
Filesize: 81.17 kB
Downloads: 97

This tutorial describes how PACS systems are differentiated from any other healthcare IT solutions, the issues to look for and the several purchasing phases such as Needs Assessment, RFP generation, specifying DICOM conformance requirements, Acceptance and turn-over and installation and training.

Virus Checkers on PACS Workstations? Virus Checkers on PACS Workstations?

Date added: 05/02/2010
Date modified: 09/01/2010
Filesize: 74.98 kB
Downloads: 100
Virus protection on PACS workstations makes common sense and is a HIPAA requirement. Vendors should install them and users should maintain and support it regularly. There is a NEMA recommendation which lists responsibilities of both parties.
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