Med-e-Tel 2010 perspective: By Mohamed

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The Med-e-Tel 2010 conference highlighted presentations of successful business cases, research activities, and practical experiences from healthcare givers. Moreover, it had discussions about telemedicine opportunities and experiences on both local and international aspects of ehealth.

The Med-e-Tel 2010 had several interesting topics to present, among these were assessing the effectiveness of telehealth and telecare, the development of international initiatives in telemedicine and ehealth, worldwide review of tele-nursing, in addition to discussions about two recent terms, cyber-therapy and tele-rehabilitation. Med-e-Tel 2010 had also presentations and workshops that were addressing daily activities and interests. Several topics were highlighted, such as tele-cardiology, the management of chronic diseases, tele-psychology, the implementation of ehealth solutions and the best ways to carry it out, mobile applications and solutions.

Realizing the importance of Med-e-Tel 2010, several companies contributed in the workshops and sessions of the event. These companies were aiming to highlight their products, exchange opinions and share new ideas with their customers. Among these companies were A&D Medical, Accenture, Aerotel Medical Systems, Aipermon, Anoto, Austrian Institute of Technology, BioRICS, Card Guard, Diatelic, DICSIT Informatique, DSM TCG, eHealth Business Services, Ericsson, European Commission, International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth and several of its national member organizations, Leuven Medical Technology Centre, Link Care Services, MEDGATE, medXchange, MIR Medical International Research, RS TechMedic, Sensatys, THOR Medical Systems, in addition to Tiani Spirit and Transinsight.

As a conclusion, Med-e-Tel provided great networking opportunities. It was a perfect chance to share mutual experiences and knowledge, discuss new ideas and have new contacts and partnerships.

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