Conference Report: Siemens CT at ECR, Vienna 2013

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During theECR European Congress of Radiology (ECR) annually held in Vienna, Austria, radiologists and retailers alike met together in a four-day conference to discuss and witness the innovations of the Radiology world.

Siemens CT was the main attraction of the four-day conference as it stationed and occupied most of its time in the main booth and also contributed to joint seminars, hands-on workshops, and the CARE Right Lounge; as the event welcomed over 20,000 guests.

“I think the ECR in one of the most important radiology and also medical conferences in the world. You have the opportunity to meet fellow colleagues. You have the opportunity to present yourself in terms of research presentations, overview talks; you get to know the companies and see what new developments in the field and you also get future ideas of what will be the next hot topic in radiology,” said Siemens representative Marco Das, MD.

The head booth showcased syngo.via VA 20 workstations, multitouch programs for the virtual innovation of Siemens CT products, and replicas of the Stellar Detector and the SOMATOM Perspective in its 64-slice design, which incidentally was launched to European markets at the ECR.

Furthermore, Siemens pronounced that the renowned FAST CARE technology was now accessible for the SOMATOM Perspective and the SOMATOM Emotion.

The CARE Right Lounge served as a hub, where conference attendees got to learn more about CARE Right.

Predicated on the question “is 1 mSv the right dose for every patient?” CARE Right is a plan that centers on supplying the appropriate technology, settings, and tools in order to attain the ultimate balance between radiation dose and image quality.

Apart from the SOMATOM Perspective, the Stellar Detector and the syngo.via applications were also great crowd pleasers. Not only was the appearance of Siemens CT a smash hit at this year’s conference, which received 20,071 visitors, but also logged several hand-on workshops that were filled to the very brim with eager participants, and was capped off by a scintillating performance by Das, at the Face-Off session, in which six retailers had to solve two difficult cases.

“I was presenting for Siemens and I think syngo.via software did a very good job to solve the clinical cases in a decent amount of time,” said Das.

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