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The Second International eHealth Conference 2011 (SIeHC 2011)

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Pakistan is one of the main countries in the Middle East that have started to adopt telemedicine and e-Health. Both provide significant aid to the country in delivering healthcare services to remote and rural regions. Moreover, Pakistan established e-learning centers for training doctors and healthcare providers, like the one established at Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi.

The ehealth Association of Pakistan is glad to announce its Second International eHealth Conference 2011 (SIeHC 2011), that will take place in Islamabad during the 22nd and 23rd of January 2011. eHealth conference 2011 will be carried out under the theme: “eHealth and the Road to the Millennium Development Goals”

SIeHC 2011 is going to be conducted while there is an increasing global attention to the potential benefits telehealth and eHealth are able to offer, with focus on the fact that they both are able to significantly reduce the costs of healthcare services on patients and on healthcare facilities as well. Meanwhile, both applications promote the levels of doctors in healthcare facilities as they allow continuous consultations between younger and more experienced professionals.

Pakistan eHealth Association’s Second International ehealth Conference 2011will discuss a number of interesting and useful topics, such as the rule and effects of eHealth adoption on the healthcare, economic and social aspects. Several presentations will also highlight new innovations in eHealth. SIeHC 2011 is also illustrating the role of healthcare providers in promoting the adoption of telehealth and eHealth in both public and private sectors. The event will discuss the role of mobile health and how it can overcome several technical issues experienced with telehealth, such as the lack of access to broadband internet connections. eHealth Conference 2011 will include sessions discussing the role of telehealth in disasters, and how they can aid in delivering services to the affected regions in a short period of time to minimize the devastating effects that follow such disasters.

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